Utah society of health-system Pharmacists

USHP Leadership

Executive Board Members

  • President: Katherine Smith, Roseman University
  • Past President: Scott Silverstein, Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • President Elect: Jordan McPherson, Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • Secretary: Megan Evans, St. Marks Hospital 
  • Treasurer: Brian Bothwell, San Juan Health Service District

Board Members

  • Ashley Kappenman, U Health, Program Committee Liaison
  • Courtney Cavalieri, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Membership Committee Liaison
  • Megan Dryer, U Health, Advocacy Committee Liaison
  • Angela Kowalski, U Health, Communications Committee Liaison
  • Zachary Tolman, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Technician Committee Liaison
  • Van Luu (Roseman), Student Board Member
  • Josh Christensen (Roseman), Student Board Member
  • Taylor Drowne (University of Utah), Student Board Member
  • Sandi Lui (University of Utah), Student Board Member

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Board Endorsement

If you are requesting an endorsement from the USHP board, please complete the USHP Board Endorsement Request Form and submit to ushp@ushp.org at least 45 days prior to due date.

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