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Technician Committee

Committee Chairs:

Gentry Phillips
Adam Kijek
Zachary Tolman (Board Liaison)

contact: technician@ushp.org

Committee Meetings:

The Technician Committee holds quarterly meetings. All technicians and technician students are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you have a topic you would like discussed, please email us at technicians@ushp.org so that we can add it to the agenda.

Next Meeting:

The Technician Committee will meet informally during the 2018 USHP Annual Meeting.  This will count as one of our quarterly meetings.  Please email us if you have any questions.

Get to know your Technician Committee leaders:

Kolene Creek, CPhT - USHP Technician Committee Co-Chair

My name is Kolene Creek and I have been a pharmacy technician since 1985 when I was living in Washington State, I got an in-hospital training and obtained a Level A Certification.  After 5 years at Southwest Washington Hospital, my family moved back to Utah where I started with the U of U, Moran Eye Center in 1993.  After 13 years at Moran, I switched locations and started with Huntsman Cancer Outpatient pharmacy.  I received a UT state license and also passed the CPHT test in the late 1990’s.   In 2011, I was able to leave the retail world and work as a prior auth and patient assist tech for the Bone Marrow Transplant clinic.  Our pharmacy team started as 3 technicians and now have grown to #10, Medication Access Coordinators at Huntsman. 

I started working with USHP just after I was hired at UofU and spent 12 years helping the Technician and Program Committee’s.  I took a few years off then was asked to replace the USHP Board Technician member.  I spent almost 3 years helping in that capacity and I have been working as the Technician committee Chair or co-chair since.  I implore you to get involved with your State pharmacy association, you will get out more than you put in and the networking is great, I know techs and pharmacist from all over the state.

Gentry Phillips, CPhT - USHP Technician Committee Co-Chair

My name is Gentry Phillips. I have been a certified pharmacy technician since 2007. For over 10 years, I worked for Walgreens as a senior pharmacy technician. About six years ago, I was offered a position as an adjunct instructor at Davis Technical College in the Pharmacy Technician program. I took this job while I was in college and continued to work part-time at Walgreens. Upon graduating from Weber State University (in an unrelated degree, nonetheless), I realized it was more lucrative to remain a pharmacy technician and soon accepted the position as the head instructor of the Pharmacy Technician Program in 2013.

My involvement in USHP started because my program is going through an accreditation process via ASHP (American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists), and one of the requirements was to join the Utah chapter (USHP). Through the past two years, I have been involved in the committee and am now a co-chair of the committee. It has been a great experience and I have met many incredible technicians. I am so thankful for this committee and its ability to unite technicians and maintain high standards for our profession.

Zach Tolman, CPhT - USHP Technician Committee Board Liaison

My name is Zach Tolman and I have been a Pharmacy Technician since 2008. The second day of my pharmacy technician externship I was held up at gunpoint for narcotics. That event led to my being hired by Associated Retail pharmacies as soon as I was licensed. I worked at various stores within the chain and took every opportunity to learn and expand my experience. I particularly enjoyed helping out with the various health screening and vaccination events. I worked with Associated Retail pharmacies until 2014 when I began working at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital. I worked my way onto the prior authorization team which then evolved into the Medication Access Coordinator team.

My involvement with USHP started by just attending CE events. The first Technician Committee meeting I attended, my “friend” volunteered me to be the next Committee Co-Chair. I decided to go for it, and it has been a great experience. It’s very rewarding to be involved with so many technicians across the state who uphold high practice standards in diverse settings. I intended to be a pharmacist, but found my work so enjoyable that I am now happy to state that I am a career technician. I hope to help expand the pharmacy technician field so that any accomplished technician can find the same satisfaction I have.

Sample Policy and Procedure for Tech check Tech 

Download Microsoft Word version or PDF Version – Last updated March 2015

Technician Committee Bylaws:

The Technician Committee is responsible to promote issues related to Pharmacy Technicians in USHP. The Board Liaison for the Committee shall appoint and work closely with the Committee Chair in promoting technicians' issues to the USHP board.

Technician Committee Bylaws:

The Technician Committee is responsible to promote issues related to Pharmacy Technicians in USHP, as well as promoting greater use and awareness of pharmacy technician’s skills. As appropriate, the Technician Committee will assign committee members to liaise with other standing committees. The Board Liaison for the Committee shall appoint and work closely with the Committee Chair in promoting technicians issues to the USHP board.

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